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how to change the settings on your browser to make our content more accessible; and:
how to change the language our content is displayed in.

Changing font size

To view our content in a larger font:

  • on PC, use ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ to zoom in, and ‘Ctrl’ and ‘-’ to zoom out. You can return the font to its default size by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘0’.
  • on Mac, use ‘Cmd’ and ‘+’ to zoom in and ‘Cmd’ and ‘-’ to zoom out. ‘Cmd’ and ‘0’ resets the font to its normal size.

Another way you can make the display bigger is to magnify the screen. To do this:

  • on Windows 11, selecting ‘Settings’ from the Windows menu, then selecting ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Magnifier’ and switching the magnifier tool on.
  • on Windows 8 and 10, selecting ‘Settings’ from the Start menu or side menu, then selecting ‘Ease of Access’ > ‘Magnifier’ and switching the magnifier tool on.
  • on Windows 7 and Vista, selecting ‘Control Panel’ from the Start menu, then selecting ‘Ease of Access’ > ‘Ease of Access Center’ and selecting ‘Start Magnifier’.
  • on earlier versions of Windows (XP, 95, 98, 2000 and Me), selecting ‘Programs’ from the Start menu, then ‘Accessories’ > ‘Accessibility’ > ‘Magnifier’. The magnifier will then be switched on, and can be adjusted with the settings box or the up and down arrow keys. Pressing ‘Alt’ ‘Space’ and ‘N’ will minimise the settings box.
  • on Mac OS X, use ‘Finder’ to select ‘Apple’ and choose ‘System Preferences’. Select ‘Seeing’ > ‘Turn on Zoom’. To zoom in, press ‘Alt’ ‘Cmd’ and ‘+’, and to zoom out press ‘Alt’ ‘Cmd’ and ‘-’. The maximum zoom options can be changed in ‘Zoom Options’. Pressing ‘Alt’ ‘Cmd’ and ‘*’ switches magnification off.

You can navigate Treated using a keyboard if this is easier than using a mouse. The up and down arrow keys move the page up and down. Pressing the ‘Tab’ key will cycle between links, and pressing ‘Enter’ will select the link. ‘Backspace’ takes you back to the previous page.

You can read more on assistive technologies here.

Our website in other languages

If you’re not in Australia, our site is available in other countries. 

Normally, if you come to our site from somewhere outside Australia, you’ll be automatically prompted to choose between our Australian site and the site we have available in your location. If this doesn’t happen, you can access our foreign sites by pressing the country dropdown in the header and choosing your location.

If you’re in Australia, but want to read our Australian site in other languages, you can do this by using  Google Translate.


Vil du læse dette indhold på et andet sprog, henviser vi til at bruge Google Translate.


Indien u deze teksten in een andere taal wilt lezen kunt u ook altijd gebruik maken van Google Translate.


Jos haluat lukea tämän sisällön muilla kielillä, suosittelemme kääntämään sen Google Kääntäjän avulla.


Si vous souhaitez lire ce contenu dans une autre langue, veuillez utiliser Google Translate.


Wenn Sie diesen Text in anderen Sprachen lesen möchten, nutzen Sie bitte den Google Übersetzer.


Ci, którzy chcieliby przeczytać ten teks w innych językach, mogą to zrobić używając Tłumacza Google.


Aquellos que quieran leer este contenido en otro idioma pueden hacerlo usando el Traductor de Google.


Om du önskar att läsa denna information på andra språk kan du använda dig av Google Translate.

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